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SIFC ( state investment facilitation centre )
Functions of ‘Shilpa Sathi’ (State Investment Facilitation Centre)
West Bengal Industrial Development Corporation Ltd. (WBIDC), The State Level Promotional agency provide escort services and carry on inter-institutional co-ordination for various clearances concerning other State Government Institutions towards speedy implementation of any project through a special cell viz., ‘Shilpa Sathi’ or State Industries Facilitation Centre (SIFC).
SIFC at WBIDC provides guidance in
Identification, allotment, mutation/conversion of land and other infrastructural facilities;
WBIDC acts as the Requiring Body in Land Acquisition cases for industry purposes depending on the merit of the cases; SIFC directly deals with the job in coordination with district land authorities;
Guidance to entrepreneurs on investment prospects;
Approvals from the Secretariat for Industrial assistance, obtaining Industrial Licenses and approval of Foreign Investment Promotion Board(FIPB), Government of India, wherever necessary
Registration by Directorate of Industries at the State level;
Environmental clearance from the WBPCB;
Clearance from State Water Investigation Directorate for requirement of water;
Single Window Cell or State Industrial Facilitation Centre (SIFC) coordinates with other facilitating State level institutions/agencies in sorting out delays in obtaining approvals towards smooth implementation of the projects.

Single Window Cell also deals with problems, if any, faced by the existing industries in smooth running of the unit after commissioning and coordinates with district authorities or local bodies in security related matters for the existing industries;

High Level Cabinet Committee on industry takes decision on special package of incentives on special category projects with investments above Rs. 100 Crore considering the importance and overall economic development.
Information can be provided online through -- Client Information System Present in the website.
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