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Manikanchan Special Economic Zone at Salt Lake, Kolkata

Project Cost: Rs 232.50 Million.

The ultimate destination for manufacturers, businessmen and entrepreneurs in the field of Gems and Jewellery -- Manikanchan, the Gem & Jewellery SEZ promoted by WBIDC, is the first Greenfield Special Economic Zone to be operational in India.

Units located in the Park enjoy the status of an offshore unit, a host of financial and non-financial benefits and a simplified procedural regime.

The SEZ units have world class infrastructure supported by a host of service providers for hassle free operations. Since it is a duty free enclave and has a foreign territory status, both the Central and the State Government provide large number of incentives and facilities.

Advantage Bengal


West Bengal has a rich tradition of craftsmanship for handmade gold jewellery. Bengal has a tradition of jewellery making and the State has the largest numbers of skilled artisans and goldsmiths in India.

  • Legacy of Calcutta jewellery.
  • Presence of skilled artisans.
  • Huge domestic and foreign market.

An Ideal Location


The Manikanchan Special Economic Zone is located in a pollution free sylvan environment, at Salt Lake City sector V. It is located on the Rajarhat bypass, very close to the Kolkata International airport.

  • Located in Salt Lake only 15 km from Central Business District of Kolkata.
  • Only 12 km from International Airport with access via 2 independent highways.
  • Very close to New Kolkata township of Rajarhat which can provide low cost accommodation for staff.
  • Park adjacent to the Kolkata State Transport Corporation and West Bengal State Transport Corporation bus depot providing conveniently accessible transportation for staff working in the units and coming from Kolkata or suburban areas.
  • 2 main roads on either side of the Park with high security exits.
  • Hyatt Regency and ITC Sonar, two 5-star hotels located in the vicinity of the Park, ensures convenient accommodation for visitors to the site.
  • Electron Beam Irradiation facility for colouration of gems and semi-precious stones located nearby in Shyamnagar, North 24 Parganas.

Park Information


After completion of all phases, the Park will have a total built-up area of 5,50,000 sq ft. with 2 Standard Design Factories (SDF) and a Common Facility Building (CFB).

Inaugurated in November 2003, several units are manufacturing and exporting from the Park since July 2004. The Phase 1 consists of

  • One SDF (Standard Design Factory).
  • One CFB (Common Facilities Building).
  • One services building housing a budget canteen, worker’s health care center and crèche complete with all requisite infrastructure.
  • All facilities add up to almost 200,000 sq ft.
  • The SDF is a seven storied building with modules in various sizes of 165 sq m, 325 sq m and 465 sq m.

Facilities & Amenities

The CFB is a unique diamond shaped six storied building which has the following support services. The centrally air conditioned building has

  • Office of the Development Commissioner
  • Office of Customs
  • Specialized courier (Lemuir Express)
  • Freight Forwarding and Travel agency (BVC Logistics and Brinks Arya with vault)
  • Canalizing Agencies (MMTC & Brinks Arya)
  • ICICI Bank
  • Space for ATM
  • Hallmarking center (MMTC)
  • Restaurant (Oyster)
  • Rotunda, a 10,000 sq ft column free exhibition cum conference hall ideal for holding international standard expositions.

Infrastructural Facilities

Power Supply

  • Two separate feeder power supply ensuring uninterrupted power via a 3000 KVA dedicated fully automated substation for quality power supply.
  • Hot standby transformer to ensure power supply in the event of transformer failure.

Water Supply

  • 24x7 dedicated water supply from Naba Diganta Water Management Ltd. is available at site.

Fire detection and Fire fighting

  • State of the art fire detection and fire fighting system
  • Automatic fire detection alarm
  • Photo luminescent safety signage in common areas
  • Ring main around all buildings
  • 32 zone fire panels to ensure timely detection of fire.
  • Wet riser system and water sprinkler.
  • Sprinkler hook up provision in the corridor area of every SDF module.
  • Fire escape staircase in SDF building.


  • High Security – 30 m high mast lighting.
  • High fencing with barbed wire.
  • Constant monitoring of activities in CFB through CCTV and security rooms at all gates.
  • Round the clock security services with armed guards.


  • Concrete roads with a width of 4m to 14m with long maintenance free road life
  • Sufficient area for parking

Functional Units in Manikanchan


All modules have been allotted in the Standard Design Factory (SDF) I building. Some of the main functional units are:

  • Senco Gold
  • Suman Jewellery
  • S.B. Creation
  • Zenith International
  • Mizam & Co. Delhi
  • Shrey Creations
  • Kishan Lal Jewels Pvt. Ltd.

Facilities for Exporters in the Park

  • Offshore status with a host of financial and non financial benefits
  • Simplified procedural regime
  • In house customs clearance facilities
  • Electron beam irradiation facility located nearby for coloration of gem and diamond

Taxes and Exemptions

  • Exemption from Customs duty on import of capital goods, raw materials, consumables, spares etc.
  • Exemption from Central Excise duty on procurement of capital goods, raw materials, consumable spares etc., from the domestic market. (DTA).
  • Exemption of Central Sales Tax paid on domestic purchases.
  • Exemption of Service Tax for service providers to SEZ units.
  • 100% Income Tax exemption under Section 10A for first 5 years and 50% for 5 years thereafter.


  • Designated Duty Free Enclave to be treated as foreign territory for trade operations and duties and tariffs

Modules available at Standard Design Factory (SDF), Manikanchan SEZ.

Sl. No. Module No. Area in Sq. Ft. (Approx.) Reserve Price (Rs./Sq.Ft.) Utilization
1. 5-SW 5003.40 6447.00 Gems / Jewellery manufacturing unit
2. 6-SW 5005.38 6447.00 Gems / Jewellery manufacturing unit

Modules available at Common Facilities Buildings (CFB), Manikanchan SEZ.

Sl. No. Module No. Area in Sq. Ft. (Approx.) Reserve Price (Rs./Sq.Ft.) Utilization
1. G-b 133.96 7370.00 Office
2. G-c 133.26 7370.00 Bank ATM
3. 1-a 1099.99 7370.00 Office
4. 2-a 1883.65 7370.00 Office
5. 2-b 1883.65 7370.00 Office

Application Fee

  • Application money has to be deposited in form of DD / Bankers Cheque / Online Payment in favour of ‘West Bengal Industrial Development Corporation Limited’ payable on any bank in Kolkata. Amount of Application money as follows:

    Module (in Sqft.) Amount (in Rs.)
    Area upto 2500 sqft. 7,00,000.00
    Area above 2500 sqft. 10,00,000.00
  • Application fee will be adjusted with the total cost of the modules for successful allottes.
  • The application money of the disqualified parties will be returned to them without any interest.
  • A cancellation charge @10% of the total amount deposited by the applicant will be applicable in case the applicant wishes to withdraw from the project after being allotted space in the Park.
  • Payment Terms are as follows:

    Early bird discount of 5% will be applicable, if the total amount of allotted module is paid within thirty (30) days of issuance of LOI. In case the payment is made after expiry of thirty (30) days no Discount will be applicable. This offer is valid for 60 (sixty) days from the date of issuance of LOI.

    The validity of this offer may be extended for a maximum period of another 60 (sixty) days at the discretion of WBIDC on payment of a penal interest @15% p.a. on the lease premium payable.

Export Figures

Month 2006-07 2007-08 2008-09 2009-10 2010-11 2011-12 2012-13 2013-14 2014-15
April 60.16 99.10 264.71 171.77 367.34 387.28 560.21 553.96 77.13
May 52.61 114.88 291.20 232.88 395.00 924.98 542.89 756.43 77.68
June 79.43 106.35 372.04 292.98 419.45 1538.16 1044.12 950.47 88.87
July 63.69 119.05 312.13 344.92 559.63 1145.84 567.18 764.09 60.60
August 73.47 126.29 292.42 250.98 616.58 646.83 611.82 764.09 316.64
September 60.17 108.11 309.47 314.24 412.59 1076.44 966.87 1775.00 102.13
October 83.57 149.24 193.06 233.81 406.89 784.27 744.82 1558.76 63.89
November 82.55 128.93 211.27 286.24 333.11 1132.18 1104.52 722.96 55.94
December 89.36 152.03 206.33 504.66 431.74 940.71 938.45 207.11 80.96
January 80.86 198.15 157.70 391.36 391.65 610.85 769.37 245.59 170.48
February 104.96 214.82 158.49 412.69 940.44 352.31 621.65 77.82 75.64
March 187.64 258.01 212.85 452.24 2861.35 888.86 904.87 94.81 87.61
1018.47 1774.96 2981.67 3888.77 8125.66 10,428.71 9376.77 8471.09 1257.57

Month 2015-16 2016-17
April 51.55 85.31
May 68.40 68.34
June 73.28 69.49
July 68.32 42.78
August 84.76
September 56.72
October 62.12
November 51.22
December 62.52
January 45.87
February 62.07
March 80.11
766.94 265.92

Application for Module Allotment

Interested entrepreneur can apply to WBIDC for allotment of Module in the Declaration of Intent format.
Declaration of Intent View PDF

Interested Investors may Contact

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