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Setting Up Business In West Bengal

  • Foreign Direct Investment

    Foreign Investors can commence business in India as:

    Indian Company Foreign Company Limited Liability Partnership
    • Joint Venture
    • Wholly Owned Subsidiary JV/ Wholly Owned Subsidiary as

      i) Private Limited or
      ii) Public Limited Company, Companies Act, 2013
    • Liaison Office
      To represent the parent company in India
    • Branch Office
      To undertake activities such as Export, Import, research, consultancy etc.
    • Project Office
      Activities as per contract to execute project

    Subject to provisions of LLP Act, 2008

    FDI permitted under automatic route in LLPs
    operating in sectors/ activities where 100% FDI is allowed, through the automatic route and
    there are no FDI-linked performance.

    The Government of India has permitted foreign investment in almost all sectors except atomic energy & lottery business. FDI may be done through two routes in the permitted sectors, subject to sectoral caps.

    100% FDI limit and entry in Industrial Parks, Textile, Leather, Mining (Coal& Lignite), Port, Construction Development, Renewable Energy, Food Product retailing etc.

    Review of Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) policy for curbing opportunistic takeovers/acquisitions of Indian companies due to the current COVID-19 pandemic - https://dipp.gov.in

    For more on FDI https://dipp.gov.in

  • General Steps to Set Up Business in West Bengal
    General Steps

    Single Window for Business Facilitation

    Silpa Sathi – Single Window Services can be accessed through an Online Single Window Portal www.silpasathi.in

    Flow Chart Covering Broad Steps for Setting up An Unit in Medium and Large Scale

    Flow Chart

    Easy Links

    Sl. No. Links URL Path View Website
    1. List of Pre - Establishment Approvals https://www.silpasathi.in Visit Website
    2. List of Pre - Operation Approvals https://www.silpasathi.in Visit Website
    3. Timelines https://www.silpasathi.in Visit Website
    4. Apply Online https://eodb.silpasathi.in Visit Website
  • Incorporating a Company in West Bengal

    Incorporation of a Company
    City: Kolkata, West Bengal

    A company may be incorporated as a Private Limited Company/Public Limited Company as the case may be within the state of West Bengal by making an application in e-form SPICe through www.mca.gov.in (a portal of Ministry of Corporate Affairs, GoI). A Detailed Procedure and steps regarding registering/incorporating a Company within the state of West Bengal, is given below:

    Registration Requirements Summary

    Sl. No. Procedure Time to Complete Cost to Complete Web link Remarks
    1. Obtain Digital Signature
    1 day INR 800 to INR 2000 - From any MCA certified agent
    2. Reserve the Company name
    through RUN service (on-line) with the Central Registration
    2-3 days INR 1000 http://www.mca.gov.in For applying the name
    register with MCA first.
    3. Prepare form e-MOA
    (INC–33) and e-AOA (INC-34)*
    1 day (to be filed with SPICe as linked form) NIL http://www.mca.gov.in/MinistryV2/companyformsdownload.html Physical copies of MoA/AoA
    are required in case
    non-individual first subscribers are based outside India or
    individual foreign subscribers
    do not possess a valid
    business visa.
    4. Prepare e-form Simplified
    Performa for Incorporating
    Company Electronically
    Within 20 days from
    the date of approval of name
    Depends on Paid-up
    share capital of
    proposed Company
    (Stamp duties are
    also calculated
    http://www.mca.gov.in/MinistryV2/companyformsdownload.html Director Identification Number up to 3 directors, (if not already obtained) can be obtained
    through SPICe.
    5. Prepare e-form AGILE 1 day (to be filed with SPICe as linked form) - http://www.mca.gov.in/MinistryV2/companyformsdownload.html To be filed for obtaining
    GSTIN / Establishment code
    as issued by EPFO / Employer Code as issued by
    ESIC through this e-form

    Details and Documents required for registration

    Obtaining DSC:
    • Obtaining Digital Signature Certificate
    • Name of Agency: any agency registered with MCA
    • Time: 1 to 2 days
    • Cost: Rs. 800 to Rs. 2000

    To use the new electronic filing system under MCA, the applicant must obtain a Class-II Digital Signature Certificate. The digital signature certificate can be obtained from the agencies authorized by MCA. The applicant director of the Proposed Company can submit the prescribed application form along with proof of identity and address. Each agency has its own fee structure, ranging from INR 800 to INR 2000.

    Required Documents

    Identity Proof (any one) Residence Proof (any one)
    PAN Card Driving License
    Driving License Passport
    Passport Voter ID Card
    Voter ID Card Telephone Bill
    Aadhar Card Ration Card
    1 Passport size Photograph Electricity Bill
    - Bank Statement
    - Aadhar Card

    Reservation of Proposed Company Name

    • Name of Agency: Central Registration Center
    • Cost: Rs. 1,000.
    • Time: 2-3 days

    Reservation of proposed Company name must done through RUN service of MCA. One can apply upto 2 names at a time for approval under the tab MCA Services- Company Services.

    Preparation of e MoA and e AoA

    • Name of Agency: Central Registration Center.
    • Cost: Stamp Duty (auto calculated at the time of filling up SPICe )
    • Time: 1 day.

    As per section 4 and 5 read with Schedule I of the Companies Act, 2013 MoA and AoA of the following companies must be filed in form e MoA (INC-33) and e MoA (INC-34) along with SPICe:

    • Individual subscribers are Indian nationals
    • Individual subscribers who are foreign nationals in case they valid DIN and DSC and also submit a proof of a valid business visa
    • Non-individual subscribers based in India.

    Physical copies of MoA/AoA is required to be signed and attached in case non-individual first subscribes are based outside India or individual foreign subscribers do not possess a valid business visa.

    Preparation of SPICe

    • Name of Agency: Central Registration Center
    • Cost: depends on Paid-up share capital of the Proposed Company
    • Time: 4 to 7 days

    e-form SPICe (INC-32) deals with the single application for reservation of name, incorporation of a new company and/or application for allotment of DIN and/or application for PAN and TAN. This eForm is accompanied by supporting documents including details of Directors & subscribers, MoA and AoA etc. Once the eForm is processed and found complete, company would be registered and CIN would be allocated. Also DINs gets issued to the proposed Directors who do not have a valid DIN. Maximum three Directors are allowed for using this integrated form for filing application of allotment of DIN while incorporating a company. Also PAN and TAN would get issued to the Company.

    Required Documents

    Documents / Details for Company Incorporation


    Passport Size Photograph (1 for each promoter)


    Self attested copy of PAN Card


    Self attested copy of identity proof (Driving Licesce/Voter Id/ Passport)


    Self attested copy of residence proof (Bank Statement/ Mobile Bill/ Telephone Bill/ Electricity Bill – not older than two months)


    Educational Qualification of promoters


    Occupation of Promoters


    Mobile No. of Promoters


    E-mail Id of Promoters


    Their duration of stay at present address


    Place of birth of promoters


    Proposed Name of the Company


    Address for registered office of the Company


    E-mail Id and Mobile No. for Company


    Capital of the Company


    Shareholding Pattern of the Company


    Proof of registered office of the company (Rent Agreement, Lease Deed, etc.)


    No objection Certificate if the registered office is owned by any other person, not taken on lease by the company


    Utility Bill (Electricity Bill/ Gas Bill/ Mobile Bill/ Telephone Bill – not older than two months)

    Preparation of AGILE

    Name of Agency: Central Registration Center.

    Time: 1 day

    Any user who intends to incorporate company through SPICe eform can now also apply for GSTIN / Establishment code as issued by EPFO / Employer Code as issued by ESIC through this eform (INC-35). User is required to file application (SPICe) for incorporation of a company accompanying linked e-form AGILE “Application for Goods and services tax Identification number, employees state Insurance corporation registration pLus Employees provident fund organisation registration” along with eform SPICe MOA (INC-33) and eForm SPICe AOA (INC-34) to obtain GSTIN / Establishment Code / Employer Code.

    This process will be applicable only for Companies incorporated by MCA through SPICe application. Other categories of applicants (Tax Deductor, Tax Collector, Casual Taxable person, ISD, etc.) for GSTIN shall follow the existing process of registration through Common Portal for GST registration Similarly, other type of establishment such as Factory shall follow the existing process of registration through Common Portal for EPFO & ESIC registration

    Required Documents

    Proof of Principal place of business Proof of appointment of authorized
    Specimen Signature
    Property Tax Receipt Letter of Authorisation Download the format of Specimen Signature from below mentioned link, Fill the requisite
    information as applicable, scan it and attach
    the same in AGILE form.
    Municipal Khata Copy Copy of Resolution passed by BoD/ Management Committee and Acceptance letter http://www.mca.gov.in/Ministry/pdf/specimensignature _07042019.pdf
    Electricity Bill Voter ID Card -
    Rent/Lease Agreement Telephone Bill -
    Consent letter Ration Card -
    Rent Receipt with NOC (in case of no/expired agreement) Electricity Bill -
    Legal ownership document Bank Statement / Aadhar Card -
  • Land Bank
  • Interactive GIS Map on Industrial Clusters of West Bengal
  • Procedure of Allotment of Land / Module at Different Industrial Parks of WBIDC
  • Duties and Levies
  • Interested in setting up a micro, small or medium-size business in West Bengal
  • Important Contacts
    Department Website
    Silpa Sathi
    Online Single Window for Business Facilitation for large industries
    Helpline No. - 1800-345-5562
    Acceleration and Incubation Center http://ibacwb.in
    Online Single Window for Business Facilitation for MSME industries https://myenterprisewb.in
    Consumer Affairs Department http://wbconsumers.gov.in
    Directorate of Boilers https://wbboilers.gov.in
    Directorate of Commercial Tax http://wbcomtax.nic.in
    Directorate of Factories https://wbfactoryonline.in
    Directorate of MSME http://msmewb.org
    Directorate of Professional Tax http://wbprofessiontax.gov.in
    Directorate of Registration and Stamp Revenue http://www.wbregistration.gov.in
    Environment Dept (WBPCB) http://www.wbpcb.gov.in
    Fire & Emergency Services Department http://www.wbfes.gov.in/wbfes
    Forest Department http://www.westbengalforest.gov.in
    Health & Family Welfare Department http://www.wbhealth.gov.in
    Information Technology & Electronics Department http://www.itewb.gov.in
    Irrigation and Waterways Department http://www.wbiwd.gov.in
    Judicial Department (Website is being developed)
    Labour Department https://wblabour.gov.in
    Labour Commissionerate https://www.wblc.gov.in
    Land & Land Reforms Development http://banglarbhumi.gov.in
    Panchayats & Rural Development http://www.wbprd.gov.in
    Power & Non-Conventional Energy Sources Development http://www.wbpower.nic.in
    Public Works Development https://www.pwdwb.in
    Shops & Establishment-Kolkata https://wbshopsonline.in
    Shops & Establishment-For other Districts https://edistrict.wb.gov.in
    State Water Investigation Directorate http://wbwridd.gov.in
    Tourism Development http://www.wbtourism.gov.in
    Urban Development and Municipal Affairs Development http://www.wbdma.gov.in
    West Bengal Industrial Infrastructure Development Corporation http://www.wbiidc.org
    West Bengal Small Industries Development Corporation Limited http://www.wbsidcl.com